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You can take your everyday online content a step forward with zeroone.
Creators can mint their work, turning it into valuable, ownable assets. Collectors and enthusiasts can support and invest in their favorite artists through the zeroone market. Together, we foster economic alignment and value creation.


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Create and experiment. At no cost.

zeroone is where global creativity and experiments are freely minted, enabling these ideas to gain enhanced value. It offers clear content ownership and easy-to-set royalty terms with no expertise needed.

About the App

New interaction mechanics.

Create one piece a day and collect up to ten. This transforms competition into mutual advocacy. Unlike Web2 platforms, which rely on likes, zeroone turns your audience into collectors, fostering enduring and meaningful connections.

"zeroone has been a refreshing journey. It's liberating to focus on art without the constraints of money, sharing my experiments and collecting works from peers and admired artists."

Artist, Argentina

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Welcome to a new era of art selling and acquisition,
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You can create and collect on zeroone, whether for fun or as an area of expertise. You can do it for free and with no experience needed.

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